Does the American Mind Have the Strength to Acknowledge Treason?

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Bryant Welch, JD, PhD
Bryant Welch, JD, PhD

🎶 It’s beginning to look a lot like treason…everywhere we look. 🎶

Vladimir Putin made Donald Trump his “apprentice” on the world stage yesterday, leaving us no doubt that the President is owned by Russia’s leader. The only question we still have is whether the American mind is strong enough to acknowledge the reality of what we just saw.

When Donald Trump said he could shoot someone in broad daylight and get away with it, he may have been understating the mesmerizing hold he has over forty percent of the American minds. Trump gave away our leadership of the free world and sided with Russia and yet, millions of American minds, people who historically have been almost xenophobic in their view of Russia, do not and will not see it. These minds have been battle-tested in their willingness to accept whatever outrageous behavior Trump presents to them. Sex with a porn star? Russian agent in the role of National Security Advisor? No problem.

Despite the pundits, with a forty percent base already locked in, all Fox News and the Republican attack machine must do now is get fifteen percent of the current electorate to decide they hate whomever the Democrats nominate more than they hate Trump and Trump will be re-elected.

Ask Hillary Clinton or John Kerry how hard that will be.

But what has gone so wrong with the American mind that people, once so stalwart in their belief in American ideals and so virulently anti-Russian, will now stand like mannequins basking in the perfumed glow of defiant, self-indulgent splendor that Donald Trump personifies? The American mind has been through a lengthy preparatory process for that which I describe in my new edition of State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind (2018.) It is the American mind itself that is under assault and buckling. Does it have enough resiliency to be able to rally and see that our leader surrendered his sword to our adversary in a public ceremony yesterday? Can we maintain that recognition long enough to demand our leaders address it?